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CJAD 800 News has learned that convicted child molestor William Parsons has won his appeal and will get out on bail while appealing the guilty verdict.

Hay Joe who do you think you are. I'm Air Max Glow In The Dark Pack

All I can say is that our justice system is screwed up, time and time again child molesters and rapists typically get off with a slap on the wrist.

Your ignorance and victim blaming is really disheartening and disgusting. One of which is my neice. Watch what you say and stop pinning the blame on CHILDREN. He took advantage of his Nike Air Max 95 Platinum

Air Max Shoes Ladies

Air Max Shoes Ladies

Photo: La Presse

´╗┐Child sex abuser free pending appeal

In a four page ruling, Quebec Court of Appeal Judge Jacques Fournier said the public's interest would not be served by Parson's immediate detention since he's been free on bail all during his trial, he respected his bail conditions then, and he is not expected to repeat his offences.

This doesn't reassure the victim's mother.

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This pos was not convicted based on what the parents interpreted about what their kids said. Do you have any idea what kids who've been sexually molested go through? They don't just tell their parents and then all of a sudden the guy gets convicted. There is a whole process involved.

Everyone is so quick on passing judgement. First of all, the media paints the picture. None of those children live within the vacinity of Mr. Parsons residence. The man maintains his innocence and there is no concrete evidence proving that he actually did it. Children lie all the time, parents Air Max 95 2017

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one of the parents of thoes childern, where do you get the balls on come up on line and run your mouth with out knowing whats going on. How dare you even support some one, no i take that back, Do you have any kids if so I hope you talk to them about ass holes like him and his kine. It is my god given right to protect my off spring by any means necessary. Untill things like him walk this earth I will allways be watching out for people like him. So the next time you talk make sure you know what your talking about PUNK!!!!!!

But the crown strongly disagreed, arguing it would be against public interest and the public would lose confidence in the justice system.

Fournier said that releasing Parsons on bail under strict conditions would not undermine the public trust in the justice system.

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Air Max Shoes Ladies

"I'm really, really disappointed in the system," she told CJAD News. She said they live two doors away from Parsons and her daughter dreads even going to the corner store, scared she'd meet up with her abuser.

This guy was found guilty not by the media, but by a court of law , he does have the right to appeal his case, and has been given it. because he is in ill health and is an older man to me is not a good enough reason to have him in the public domain. better safe than sorry. I was molested for 4 years by an elderly man he was over 65 retired and everyone thought he was a great guy. he was your typical nice guy neighbour. Just because the children who accused him do not live close to him to me is irrelevant. your thinking is destorted in another way also, the midea is not taking over the world.

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Of course the man is going to maintain is innocence, he's going to admit it that he molested three little girls??

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"What happens to the victims, why are the victims always having to hide, always having to be scared and the criminals always go free? They always get what they want. He was found guilty on all six charges, he was sentenced to three years," she said.

His lawyer had argued that detention is not necessary in this case and the public would not lose trust in the justice system because of the particular circumstances: Parsons is elderly and in poor health, which could be worsened by being imprisoned.

positioon, he ABUSED those children and now he is out. SHAME on the Judge that allowed that to happen especially right before the holidays. My neice and the other 5 children ABUSED will spend their Christmas hiding behind their closed door so they don't come face to face with this monster. We are not "poor fools" SIR or MADAME. YOU and that idiotic judge are POOR FOOLS for allowing such a horrible person out to abuse again.

Parsons has Air Max Shoes Ladies to abide by a number of bail conditions: to stay away from public places where minors would be present such as parks, daycares and schools; to stay away from any job that would involve coming into contact with minors; to avoid having any communication with minors; to report to police every second Monday; not to change address or leave the province without permission of the court; and to keep the peace.

"The system always thinks that they're doing in the best interest of the victims but they're not. They're letting us down."

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"He should pay the price and he should be behind bars."

Parsons was sentenced November 22 to three years behind bars for sexually abusing three little girls at his late wife's DDO daycare.

Little kids, really little kids do not lie. And this scumbag will find a way to touch another little girl.

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But for the parent of one of the victims, the judge's ruling is infuriating.

are quick to jump to conclusions and misinterpret what the child is trying to say. How many innocent people have been wrongfully convicted and have served time for a crime they didn't commit? The media acts as a judge, a jury and a executioner. What if he really didn't do it? There is so many inconsistency in this case that the public is not aware of. Like any news out there, the media controls what you see, what you think and you poor fools fall for it.

But if you hack a phone or computer you get up to 100 years!!! What the hell is that! I think if he is going to be released on probation instead of jail time then I say they should tattoo "I am a Pedophile" on his forhead so when he goes out in public everyone knows I would even go as far as putting a flashing sign on his lawn.

Fournier said neither the horror of the crimes committed nor the strong disapproval of the public should deprive Parsons from seeking bail while appealing.

Air Max Shoes Ladies

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