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Fleming rejected such assessments of the videos: "I don't know how they can say it when they Nike Air Max 95 Stussy Blue

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said Meg Garvin, the executive director of the National Crime Victim Law Institute in Portland, Ore. "Because sometimes the pictures you first see in a child pornography case might be very similar to benign family photos, and it takes more investigation to determine that, as well as experts talking to the children. And that's sometimes how we'll find out what's happening."

Marsh Halberg, a prominent defense attorney in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, said such investigations rarely yield close calls. He cited a case in which his client was investigated for taking a picture of her naked toddler on a beach.

Cordelia Anderson, a Minneapolis based consultant on the prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation, said one of the things investigators likely will look at is whether Hoffner was directing the children. The described actions don't sound like those of children between the ages of 5 and 9 years old who were in front of their parents, she said.

Cases of child pornography such as the one facing Minnesota State University football coach Todd Hoffner may begin with lack of clarity but usually are more definitive after more investigation, say experts on the subject.

Capt. Rich Murry of the Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office said officers seized computers, disks and electronic equipment when they searched the coach's home following his arrest, and that material is being searched for any relevant evidence. While debating whether to file charges, they said, officials often consider whether there are multiple pictures or videos and whether the children are acting naturally for their age.

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White Nike Air Max 95 Junior

"Where you draw the line is through investigation," Nike Air Max 95 Gold

White Nike Air Max 95 Junior

Officials searched his client's home and conducted interviews to determine the context of the photo, Halberg said. They Air Max 95 White And Black

haven't seen (them)," he said.

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A naked child in the bathtub is not pornography by itself, she said, but a nude girl White Nike Air Max 95 Junior with her legs spread or a boy touching his genitals meets that definition.

decided not to charge his client.

"Children can be smiling. Children can be laughing. The adult can be very skilled at setting this up as a game at these ages," Anderson said.

´╗┐child porn cases can test investigators

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White Nike Air Max 95 Junior

In Minnesota, the legal definition of child pornography includes performances depicting actual or simulated sexual conduct, and the definition of sexual conduct includes masturbation or lewd exhibitions of the genitals. That's typical of state and federal laws on child pornography, which generally define videos or photos as such if they include images that have the intent of evoking a sexual response, said Parry Aftab, a New Jersey attorney and online child safety advocate.

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White Nike Air Max 95 Junior

Hoffner has been placed on leave at Minnesota State, where he was entering his fifth year as football coach. An employee came across the videos and reported them to his superiors.

Hoffner is accused of taking pornographic videos of his children.

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