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Another buyer came by and offered them months later 70,000. Their listing broker told them they are required by law to present all written offers. The seller told their agent to tell the buyer Air Max Camo Collection

I was telling my mom 2 years ago this property was not worth more than 90,000 to 100,000 at best. The property sold to a new third buyer this year at around 90k. I was going to update my contacts so she appeared as "IQ of a fingernail clipping" but I just haven had the time. what was funny, is I offer top dollar.

I told her that I could put her on contact with the person that did our mailing, but they were in a factory in India, and probably didn speak English.

Here one example (not necessarily "mean", but kind of funny):I just have to laugh at it because there no reason for all the hostility. We offering people a legitimate service (which many people need, and find very helpful).

It turns out in this example the 60K is actually a reasonable offer in exchange for avoiding all of the above, especially if they were able to negotiate it up a few K. But it seems like it easier to be lazy, not think things through, and assume that everyone is out to get them/dear old aunt.

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Air Max 95 Neon

In a few weeks, I be able to refer all angry calls to Michael Quarles as I test drive the yellow letters.

Air Max 95 Neon

Edited Mar 25 2013, 17:52 by Moderator

A friend of my mom had a house from an inheritance that was on road frontage that went commercial.

I don think she was very happy with my hand written letter. However, I do think that if she contacted the attorney general and Kelo (news team in our area) that it could have been some good advertising for me!

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The lot in front of their house was just empty land for sale. The buyer was looking at their land as well but didn want to offer the in the 200 that they wanted because there property would just be used Air Max 95 Neon for extra parking lot and not visible from the road. So the buyer ended up buying just the front lot and builds an auto shop right in front of the house !

Air Max 95 Neon

Air Max 95 Neon

Does anybody else have any negative responces to yellow letters that they would like to share? Over the years of being married with children, my skin is thick enough that this won change my technique! :)

´╗┐Check out this yellow letter response

If someone ever sent me a "WE BUY HOUSES" letter and I didn need their help, I handle it the same way I handle all mail solicitations. I just DON CALL. It really not that complicated.

Don let it get to you. I gotten these kinds of responses before, along with voicemails and letters filled with threats, cursing, and the like.

maybe 5K in overall handy fixes (very plausible if dear old aunt has been living there for a long time). So now we at 10K. Then they list the property and the best offer they get is 95K, but that subject to Nike Air Max 95 Platinum

to "go to hell" LOL

Air Max 95 Neon

a 2% seller contribution to closing, so now we down to 93K. A few things come up during the inspection, lets say another 2K. We at 91K. Then some more seller paid items needed for closing survey, home warranty and what have you. Lets say that all that stuff adds up to another 2K. So now we at 89K. Then there are two realtors to pay. 83K. Minus the 10K they put in to get it ready to list, putting us at 73K. But then there the taxes and insurance they paid during the 6 months or so that they were fixing up or had the property listed, or were in escrow, plus some interest on the note during that period, if it isn paid off. By the time it all said and done, it quite possible that the proceeds of the "100K" house are more like 71K.

Air Max 95 Neon

I get mailings and emails all the time. It is easier to just through them away. Why people spend their valuable time to write back with threats is beyond me. I don care to waste my time. New carpet and paint at minimum. So they out 5K at least. Then Air Max Sneakers For Kids

Air Max 95 Neon

I know I preaching to the choir here, but this uneducated, self righteous crap really irks me!

Maybe I shouldn have bothered, but I replied to her with an apology and told her that her relative wouldn receive any more letters from me. I wonder what going to happen if another investor in our area sends her a letter? After all, the address came straight off the inheartance list!

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