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0% and most people would be too lazy to do anything about it.

johnyzee 104 days ago link

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The killer application for bitcoin, IMHO, is microtransactions. For example I wouldn mind paying 0.001 cent to read an article. People often make a big deal about the transaction fee having been "lowered" (it used to be 0.0005 BTC), but as the transaction fee is measured in Bitcoin (which has highly variable worth with respect to the things it is being used to purchase) this value must be adjusted occasionally, and Bitcoin happened to become much more valuable, requiring this fee to be lowered. At the same time, transactions less than this amount (by only about half, a 0.543 multiplier, so still larger than one cent) became "non standard", which means that they will not be relayed; because, to quote the Bitcoin release notes, "storing them costs the network more than they are worth and spending them will usually cost their owner more in transaction fees than they are worth". The blockchain just isn designed for this kind of use case, and the idea of "dust" (tiny transactions that overwhelm the blockchain) started becoming a serious political problem in the community due to a gambling service called Satoshi Dice that managed to become a large percentage of the total traffic on the blockchain despite moving almost no money. In reality, attempts to build microtransactions on Bitcoin are based on the same approach that people use to build microtransactions over bank accounts and credit cards: a separate currency stored with (and thereby "owned by") a single entity that can move the virtual money "effectively for free". Why? Clay Shirky explained it best almost 15 years ago: http: short, consumers HATE micropayments Nike Air Max 95 All Black On Feet

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I don pay a monthly fee for my bank account. I don pay anything to send money to other people in the UK, which covers 98% of all the people I send money to. If I do send money to people in the UK, it usually virtually instant, because of Faster Payments. I can withdraw money from nearly all ATMs in the UK free of charge the only exception are rare independent ones in places like nightclubs and out of the way convenience stores, and I honestly can ever remember using one. I can check my bank balance on my phone by app or by SMS. different. (Some would say behind the times.) But in the UK at least, promoting a bitcoin based service based around the concept of better retail banking is a hard sell.

Would you recommend Ally? How did you get an account? Can you transfer money to foreign accounts from the Web UI?

´╗┐Circle Emerges From Stealth To Bring Bitcoin To The Masses

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georgemcbay 104 days ago Nike Air Max 95 Em Ebay

I would absolutely recommend it, except that international transfers seem to be quite difficult. The one time I tried to receive a wire from Europe, I had a lot of trouble and ended up with Paypal. I should say though, I didn call support so maybe there was a solution and I just didn figure it out.

StavrosK 104 days ago link

"(Some would say behind the times.)"Joke on you, we are ahead of the times!It used to be pretty much just like you described here in the US and then they realized they could fee the shit out of us, "optimize" our deposits and withdrawal timings to maximize the likelihood of overdraft (which they would also then apply a series of meta fees on), drop our earned interest to essentially Air Max Grey Suede

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The UK has a Air Max 86 bank regulator agency which isn totally ineffective. I don quite understand why so many of my compatriots choose such crummy banks given the excellent alternatives available, but given that they quite attached to brick and mortar big name banks that charge usurious fees, I can imagine they flock to Circle.

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bambax 104 days ago link

because they want predictable and simple pricing.

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I French and I have the same experience as you: bank services are virtually free for individuals (although not for companies) and I don see what Bitcoin conversion would add to the value proposition; it would add risk and uncertainty, but nothing in the way of convenience or cost.

And advertisers will pay much more than 0.001 cent per impression.

pbreit 103 days ago link

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