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Chandler said support from the Kent State community has been "fantastic."

Dr. Timothy Chandler in a press conference Thursday afternoon said he fully stood behind a controversial paper he co wrote in 1998 that has been the cause of much controversy.

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Nike Air Max 95 Review

I'm guessing candidates are dropping off the list as fast as I'm typing. They want no part of such a closed minded community.

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Dear KSU er. You should perhaps review the article in question and see where the information came from, how the decisions were made and understand that it was written in a lense I understand most of you do not understand what that means but it is sort of being on a DEBATE team.

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"I think going down there would perhaps have been very difficult for the university, and I think it would have been very difficult for me," he said. ". It's a difficult enough job as it is. To go down and have to try to build a relationship that perhaps had already been injured, I think would be very difficult. On a personal level, my wife doesn't have to give up her Nike Air Max 95 Red White Blue

"Couldn't have been treated better," he said. "Couldn't have been more supported. Someone tried to make me feel guilty for going in the first Air Max Plus On Feet

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Nike Air Max 95 Review

"I've oscillated I have to admit," he said. "I've gone back and forth on this. It hasn't been a clear, easy decision. It's been something that you've ended up with two columns, pros and cons, and trying to weigh these things. My conversations with (Kennesaw State) President (Dan) Papp have been very cordial. He's been very understanding of the situation."

´╗┐Chandler s willing to stand behind controversial paper absolutely

I would love to know from TRUTH HURTS why KSU is such an embarrassment for the last couple of years. Is it because the school is growing like crazy, helping kids and adults get an education? Maybe it's because they added PhD programs, nursing buildings, biotech labs, sporting venues, largest Continuing Education program in the country, foreign exchange programs.

place. I think I've been very well treated. I couldn't have asked for more, and after 20 years it's tough not to think of this as home."

"I'm a sport historian," he said.

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job. I don't have to sell a house. I don't have to clean out my basement after 20 years of being here, I think there are some real benefits to be honest."

It would be inappropriate for Dr. Chandler to fully defend himself in this matter and based on the lack of support by the President and the Faculty senate I wouldn't subject myself or family to this either. I am embarrassed that no one did step forward in his defense during the furor.

"I think that would I think you need to read the piece yourself. I don't want to interpret those for you, but we can certainly send you the mdjonline link and the Atlanta Journal link and others," he said.

"If it had just been me and hadn't been my family and everything else, yes, I might have been tempted to go down and try to take on the world down there," Chandler answered. "But given that this is not just me, this is two careers involved here, and my family, I decided this was in the best interest of me, and I think probably in the best interest of Kennesaw State."

"Sport as social and cultural history is what I write about and part of that is the use of sport in educational institutions, and that's how my interest in the educational institutions has come about both in the high school level and also at the university level," said Chandler, who has a doctorate in education/physical education from Stanford University.

So many angry people. I bet the same people that complained about this guy couldn't even define the term Provost.

not to come to Kennesaw State within the last few days.

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A reporter asked if it added legitimacy to the accusations brought against him by declining to come to Kennesaw State.

Chandler said the provost position is already a difficult one, and "to try and do it in a place where you haven't got total support" would make it more so.

"It's an academic work," Chandler told reporters. "It's a critical review. I'm absolutely willing to stand behind it. If you put your name on something, you take credit and you take responsibility, and I would expect the same from any other faculty member."

Chandler said he reached the decision Air Max Shoes All Red

Nike Air Max 95 Review

Nike Air Max 95 Review

When a reporter asked Chandler what his academic specialty is, she was at first confused by the answer.

While I applaud everyone being able to speak their freedom I would caution them to at least get the facts, prior to standing firm. Read the quote from the Provost at Kent State University and pause to consider it's genuine concern for where we are going as a country if we continue to allow this bully tactic without all the facts.

You have to have one side versus another. That was the case here. There are no other articles that I have found by Dr. Chandler that echo this particular sentiment and in most cases he appears to be a exactly what KSU was searching for. It is unfortunate that this one paper received such local Nike Air Max 95 Review ridicule without facts.

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