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Your body also makes cholesterol to help create hormones and other substances. Having too much cholesterol in your body can lead to a buildup called plaque in your arteries, leaving less space for blood to flow. Blocked heart vessels can cause chest pain or a heart attack.

If you have diabetes, you're more likely to get heart disease. Because of that, you need to have your cholesterol and triglyceride levels checked at least once a year.

Triglycerides. Triglycerides aren't the same as cholesterol, but they are a type of fat that is linked to heart disease. A high level, along with high LDL cholesterol, can make a heart attack more likely.

Cholesterol and Your HeartCholesterol is a waxy, fat like substance found in certain foods, such as dairy products, eggs, and meat.

Diet. Saturated fat and cholesterol in the foods you eat increase your levels.

Nike Air Max 95 Tumblr

Other causes. Certain medications and medical conditions can raise levels. High triglycerides could result from diabetes or thyroid problems. Losing weight and avoiding foods high in calories and sugar can help.

Weight. Extra pounds can also raise your cholesterol and your chance of getting heart disease. Losing weight can help lower cholesterol and triglycerides.

What Controls Your Cholesterol Levels?Things Air Max Ltd 3 Mod

Nike Air Max 95 Tumblr

Doctors recommend your cholesterol stay below 200 and triglycerides below 150. Here's the breakdown:

Age and gender. Cholesterol levels rise with age. Before menopause, women tend to have lower total cholesterol levels than men of the same age. After menopause, women's good cholesterol goes down.

Low density lipoproteins (LDL). Also called "bad" cholesterol, these can cause plaque in your arteries. The more LDL in your blood, the greater your risk of heart disease.

Exercise. Regular activity can also lower bad cholesterol and bring up the good. Try to get physical for 30 minutes on most days.

Nike Air Max 95 Tumblr

Nike Air Max 95 Tumblr

shaking, sweating or difficulty thinking, you will need to raise the number immediately. A quick solution is to eat a few pieces of hard candy or 1 tablespoon of sugar or honey. Recheck your numbers again in 15 minutes to see if the number has gone up. If not, repeat the steps above or call your doctor.

The higher your HDL level, the better.

Nike Air Max 95 Tumblr

Nike Air Max 95 Tumblr

How Is Cholesterol Tested?Your doctor will recommend one of two tests:

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Nike Air Max 95 Tumblr

Less than 200240 and aboveIf the level is below 70 or you are experiencing symptoms such as Air Max Kumquat

Types of Blood FatCholesterol travels through the blood attached to a protein. These bundles, called lipoproteins, have names that may sound familiar:

that can affect your cholesterol levels include:

Genes. Your heredity partly decides how much cholesterol your body makes. High levels can run in families.

Nike Air Max 95 Tumblr

Nike Air Max 95 Tumblr

Nike Air Max 95 Tumblr

High density Nike Air Max 95 Tumblr lipoproteins (HDL). These are the "good" cholesterol that helps your body get rid of bad cholesterol. Air Max Shoes With Outfit

´╗┐Cholesterol Screening Tests and Diabetes

Nike Air Max 95 Tumblr

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