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The NDP platform has that word "change" in it too. The NDP slogan is "Change that puts people first" and its platform is called "Plan for Affordable Change."

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by McGuinty that he will not Air Max Infrared Outfit raise taxes. Spiro responded this way:

Last night when Stephen LeDrew asked PC strategist Jason Lietaer to sum up the reason to vote Cheap Nike Air Max Trainers

You can be sure that PC leader Tim Hudak will keep reminding voters about those "surprise tax increases." And so today in Kitchener, Hudak unveiled "Dalton McGuinty's Wheel of Tax" and the release from the PC's is headlined "CHANGE: To Stop The Tax Man."

party for a few months. Many voters don't know her and more than a few don't even know her name. So she will have to work hard to get the voter's attention in what could become a two man race.

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'Change' is the word of the day

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Air Max Infrared Outfit

Talking to Conservative candidates you hear it again and again. One told me simply "people want a change." He wasn't sure if the voter would opt for him or for the NDP candidate in his riding that is currently held by the Liberals.

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The PC platform is called "Changebook" and that title captures the essence of the Conservative's number one message for the October 6 election: Ontarians are tired of Dalton McGuinty's Liberal government.

Last night there was this succinct observation about the campaign from someone who joined the chat.

Tonight on LeDrew Live we'll have a feature interview with Mike Schreiner, the leader of the Ontario Green Party. We'll ask Schreiner what the party is doing to try to get invited to the leaders' TV debate.

It's a chance for our viewers to ask questions and give us their thoughts on the campaign.

Andrea Horwath has only been leader of the Air Max Gray And Red

In the GTA, which I count as 43 ridings, the Liberals hold 32 of the seats. The Liberals have to hold those seats to win a third mandate.

PC campaign chair Mark Spiro has been sending out emails to the party's supporters. A week ago he jumped on a promise Air Max 95 Pink White Gray

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Air Max Infrared Outfit

The leadership of the party knows how to run a campaign and knows what it takes to win. Dalton McGuinty has handled the big debates. This time around he has to convince the voter that now is not the time for that change the PCs and NDP keep harping about.

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There's an old saying about elections "governments don't get voted in, they get voted out."

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"His election tradition is to promise you that he will not raise taxes and then turn around after the election and slap you with new higher taxes. He did it in 2003 and 2007 and today he confirmed he will do it again."

By the way, these emails also serve as a tool for fundraising as Spiro urges supporters to donate money to the campaign.

The Liberal challenge is to give voters a reason to vote for them one more time. Unlike the PCs and the NDP, the Liberal Party has held back on the release of its platform but expect it sometime in the next week. And you can be sure the word "change" won't be featured.

Building on that sentiment is what is driving the Progressive Conservative and the NDP campaigns this fall.

Conservative he stuck to a simple message the party is counting on to have impact on voters saying simply, "It's time for a change."

"Are we better with the devil we know or the devil we don't?" she asked and she went on, "We know (Dalton) McGuinty has broken almost every promise he made in the last election. Is that not reason enough to remove him from office?"

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