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matt, I just reviewed the verbage. It looks like I would be permitted to evict both residents in such a scenario where the abuser and abusee are both on the lease together. It is directed towards protecting the victim from unwanted guests. The tenant must have it be an unwanted guest. If it was at one time an invited guest then the tenant must either get a restraining order or something along those lines banning them from the property OR notify the landlord in writing that this person is no longer a welcomed guest. It seems pretty straight forward but it has also not been tested legally yet as it is so new so it could evolve as case law regarding this is developed.

steve, Air Max Ivo Womens I just read your slate article about nuisance violations and evictions. My state of Wisconsin just past and starting in March of this year every lease must have a notice of domestic violence protectionsor the lease is not legally binding. This notice states that a lessee cannot be evicted when Air Max In Shorts

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I am guessing that the aim of the measure is to encourage home ownership. Right or wrong, the general consensus among most people is that home ownership is good for the community at large. I know that the Realtor association of America certainly promotes that. This looks like something aimed at promoting flippers and home owners in the city.

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they are the victim of such a crime such as in the situatiin that the slate article described. The only part I struggle with is what to do when it is a couple living together and both on the lease. I can't just evict the husband or boyfriend and not the other but I can't also evict the victim. sorta sticky. The case of an unmarried couple having a child that child is a common relative to both, so the child makes them related. The case of adoption under the law, an adopted child is treated no differently than one that was with its natural parents. This one is a good point to understand because it allows same sex couples to adopt and thus be considered related via the adopted child; this strictly holds for the housing / zoning matters, and not for everything of course.

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from folks in the area who know some detail about the city/neighborhood and perhaps some other details that make this policy seem a bit more logical.

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´╗┐City bans conversions to rental properties

At least that is how it works where I have those rentals.

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Wow, I would love to hear the logic behind this move. Perhaps they're hoping it will depress land value and encourage a buying spree from folks looking for a primary residence? But if the area is that depressed to begin with, and homes need a substantial amount of work (as assumed from the councilwoman's statement about landlords not wanting to live in the neighborhood), I doubt you'll have even people of modest means beating the door down to buy. Poor people want to live in a crappy place about as much as rich people do.

I would love to hear Air Max 95 Viotech

If you are local to the area, it might be a good time to jump in and see what improvement incentives are available from the city. They might be highly cordial to tax breaks and/or improvement grants for certain areas. In Davenport and Cedar Rapids they have instituted new landlord programs that require "every" landlord to register, pay for and take a Air Max 95 Premium Safari

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Cedar Falls is in no way run down, plagued by problem rentalproperties in my experience. It's a college town with an upscale downtown area and John Deere has a big facility and employs a lot of peoplein the area as well. The neighboring city of Waterloo has a worse reputation locally for crime, dilapidated properties, etc. The only thing I can think of is student housing is cutting into the single family house market and a lot of students leave for the summer? Or they want to keep "undesirable" renters out of town?Iowa's larger cities alsoin general seem to think adding financial andregulatory burdens onlandlords is one ofthe solutions to crime, drugs,unemployment, poverty "nuisance properties" as they call them here.

Conversely, I would think that some neighborhood improvement policies and actions would be most helpful in attracting buyers that would invest in their properties. Penalties for folks that are slumlording it, tax breaks for improvements post purchase in the neighborhood, etc. Properties becoming rentals isn't something you want to encourage in neighborhoods, but I feel that stopping rental conversions doesn't really fix anything.

class, pay a fee, etc. even if you just have one rental that you rent to a family member. They are trying to crack down on what they refer to as "nuisance" properties, ie. the cops get called frequently. The landlord has to pay for the cost of the police after a couple of calls and can lose their rental license if it continues. The program is new to CR but patterned after Davenport's program.

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The ban only applies to SFHs. I don't know much about the rental market in Cedar Falls, can any of the locals comment on the overall condition of properties in the city?

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