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If you don't like it, that's fine. Don't knock it.

Since the world has 1.6 billion Muslims, 2.3 million of whom live in America, learning about the Muslim religion and culture can help American kids better appreciate the world's diversity; that there is a big, interesting place out there beyond the borders of Cobb County. Through their appreciation, they begin to become more understanding and tolerant of those who live and pray differently than we do.

According to the MDJ's Hannah Morgan, "At Thursday night's school board meeting, (the father) brought the book and showed the board members the religious symbols, including a picture of the Quran, which he said disturbed him."

"It's an indoctrination of Muslim culture," the father of a McDowell Elementary School pupil told the Cobb County Board of Education recently. His wife purchased the book for his kindergarten daughter at the Scholastic Book Fair held at the school.

Children often have a greater capacity for understanding and tolerance than adults. Their minds haven't yet been filled with misinformation, prejudice or hate.

So when they open a picture book called "Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns," kids learn about Muslim customs as told by a child living in an Islamic country.

What is really immature of people like you, Foley and even a legitimate observer like Oliver Halle, is trying to use atrocities committed by Christians, (not in the name of Christianity, just by Christians)in the past to excuse what the Muslim extremists are doing on a regular basis, right now. That is not only immature, it is shallow and ignorant. Maybe even, desparate? Come back when you have something intelligent to say.

Nobody said blowing up children is fine with me. You are the one who is defending the people who actually do that on an ongoing basis.

I guess it's never too early to start inculcating intolerance, even if the child is a kindergartener. The father also claimed no other religions Nike Air Max 95 White And Blue Spark were represented at the book fair, but PTA President Abi Nesmith said books on Christianity and Judaism were on sale.

That';s why we have chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Not everybody likes the same thing.

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Nike Air Max 95 White And Blue Spark

However, the fact that it failed you, does not make it bad and you rconstant sniping at it is belittling to you and gives you less credibiity in other areas.

"I think it's pretty clear that this book is by no means threatening to any faiths," noted an MDJ reader.

Wrong Lib, even Air Max Yeezy Blue

fools can have opinions, as you have so amply demonstrated on numerous occasions, and continue to do with most everything you write.

The father's reaction suggests he's steeped in the Muslim bashing Air Max Blue And Red

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You left Christianity because it was not what you wanted it to be. For that, I admisre you. Much better to get out than continue as a hypocrite.

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It's a charming little book, beautifully written and illustrated, in which the narrator tells children about her religion through the vibrant colors found in her homeland.

first. Learn to read and write before we start teaching (about) the fanaticals,"

"I know they are trying to do a good thing, this just struck me as wrong," the father added. "That culture there doesn't seem to have anything good coming out of it."

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The Klan is almost non existent. When was the last time the Klan committed a mass murder? The Aryan nation has not been connected with any violcne since 1984. What was the date of the last violence committed by Muslim extremists, in the name of Allah? Yesterday? The day before? Probably tomorrow?

Actually, "that culture there" has contributed major advancements in mathematics, astronomy, medicine, commerce, music, art, literature and architecture. Cities in what is now Saudi Arabia had street lights and sewers when the father's European ancestors were living in their own filth during the Dark Ages.

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Nike Air Max 95 White And Blue Spark

commonly seen and heard in the conservative media, which has portrayed all those who practice Islam as terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.

BTW, when you get though with the personal insults, how about addressing the crux of the matter? What you are preaching is hatred of Christianity.

´╗┐Children s book on Islam triggered intolerance in Cobb

This mentality is akin to the response after Pearl Harbor when American citizens of Japanese descent on the West Coast were summarily rounded up, deprived of their property, and transported to concentration camps for the duration of World War II.

Nope, keeping up with who is committing them on daily basis, is called one with the facts and not drinking the Obama Fool aid that people like you and Foley thrive on

"It might fill their heads with the notion that we are all more similar than we think, even if we have different customs and beliefs," Khan adds. "And if I'm successful, it might convince them that their Muslim neighbor or schoolmate isn't a 'fanatical' to be feared or hated, but part of a vibrant and diverse American society that should be celebrated."

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Have we learned nothing from that tragic chapter of our history?

And he was "disturbed" because?

Are we still affixing blame on all members of an ethnic or religious group because some of their number did heinous things?

"I don't want this culture around my children," the father told the Cobb County School Board, "let's get them educated Air Max Royal Linen

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