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model of the statue, encasing it with clay, melting the wax out after the clay hardens, and then filling the now empty mold with bronze. (Yes, there are many more stages to this process but I am trying to summarize here.)

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The whole of Tanjore delta is a treasure trove of art and architecture. Beautiful temples are hidden in obscure villages. I wish I could easily spend a couple of months in this area, appreciating these beauties.

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Furthermore, using exacting lengths corresponging to the size and shape of an artist's hand they began to police how each and every nook and cranny of the sculptures would look every detail from the length of Ganesha's tusk to the inner curve of Shiva's thigh. The master sculptors had created stunning masterpeices and they wished to ensure that each replica was blessed with the same degree of power to awe. After all, these statues were not mere decorational peices, they were holy idols, objects of worship.

´╗┐Chola Sculptures

For those of you not in the know, here is a quick run down of what these statues are: Around Nike Air Max 95 Essential Trainers In Beige

Interestingly the Cholas were not great patrons of art to start with. This tradition was started by Sembyan Mahadevi a powerful woman in the Chola dynasty (grandmother of Rajaraja) who heavily influenced the great Chola kings like Rajaraja, Rajendra, Rajaraja II, Kullotunga.

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Nice pictures of the Brihadeswara (literal translation big lord) temple. As you can see the temple spire is higher than the gopuram (gate). This is a characteristic of the early Chola temples.

the 10th century AD Southern Indian craftsman perfected the 'lost wax' method of creating bronze sculptures. Air Max Green Shoes This method entails creating a wax Nike Air Max 95 Drawing

The second temple in the "Chola triad" is the Brihadeswara temple in Gangaikondacholapuram (literal translation city of the Chola who brought the ganges) which is village about a couple of hours drive from Tanjore. That one is built by Rajendra Chola who succeeded RajaRaja. He was the first and only Chola ruler to expand his kingdom all the way to the Ganga and brought the water from Ganga back to consecrate his new capital.

The third temple the Airavateswara (literal translation lord of the Airavat the mighty elephant.) is at Darasuram. This was built by Raja raja II. This, in my opinion is finest of the three. Though the Tanjore temple comes a very close second.

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The Chennai government museum has a collection of Chola bronzes, though nothing beats the Nayak Mahal (Rajaraja) Art Muesum at Tanjore.

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I am having trouble identifying the second statue. She is a consort of Vishnu since I can see the chakra (wheel) and the shankha (conch). I would guess she is Lakshmi, but Lakshmi does not generally have eight hands.

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I would also recommend the book "The sensuous and the sacred" by Vidya Dehejia. The book has many beautiful pictures and it talks a bit about the mythology and iconography behind these beautiful creations. You might have a hard time getting the book in Chennai.

entire statue making process. In the meanwhile enjoy these snap shots of Chola statues taken at the antique store in Pondicherry:

Those of you who know me personally know that I can be a little bit obsessive at times. Well, it is one of those times. After a random run in with some truly top quality Chola style statues I am now officially in love and obssessed with these peices of art.

Ok, but then the story gets richer. Not only did they perfect the technique to make the statues but they also began to impose exact specifications as to what kind of statues they could create. In regards to subject matter the sculptors focused on a few specific Hindu mythological images recreating the same images over and over, a sort of early printing press that communicated a central canon of stories via bronze images as opposed to through written words.

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Next month Iris and I will take an eight hour journey via night train to Swamimala in Thanjavour, where we understand the last few sculptors who have preserved this tradition reside. I'll be sure to get photos of the Air Max Usa Blue

Every detail of these idols is there for a reason; every aspect is part of a larger story. I am sure if the original Chola sculptors were alive today they would be movie directors. But, instead, they told their stories with what materials they had at hand.

The last statue is that of Shiva, in the form of Bhikshatana (the meandering ascetic) who mostly spent his time in cremation grounds.

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