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And then Chrome tries to render some complex Canvas or SVG and grinds to a halt.

On my macbook (with intel/nvidia auto switching graphics) chrome will grab the nvidia card and never release it. If i force Air Max 95 Zen it to use the onboard intel card it works fine, and doesn't get insanely hot running flash videos. That hurts Nike Air Max All Black Womens

Air Max 95 Zen

Doing raytracing in javascript is a bad idea. Period. There are many ways to do 3d on the web with greater flexibility and WAY more performance. There is no reason to do that type of computation in the interpretation layer of javascript. (This is akin to saying you would prefer a pure python implementation of disk io, as opposed to the built in method which is implemented in C.)

Air Max 95 Zen

Air Max 95 Zen

aerique 1365 days ago link

Air Max 95 Zen

est 1366 days ago link

battery life too.

Yet Chrome is still far faster if you have a multi core system and are actually running more than one tab. FF4 can be as fast as it wants in processing Javascript, but it still can't scale that performance like Chrome can.

metabrew 1365 days ago link

It seems Google suck at efficient battery use. GTalk reconfigures the windows system timer for 1 ms granularity even when minimized.

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Air Max 95 Zen

Air Max 95 Zen

If the same amount of overall work is getting done, that shouldn't matter. At any rate, these wakeups will be when chrome is idle in the background, so I doubt it will be using more than one whole CPU. .

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I presume that's a trade off for fast javascript?

Actually, after initially starting it up and liking the speed, I found that Chrome quickly approached Firefox like performance levels once I started using more and more tabs.

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days ago link

Air Max 95 Zen

dunstad 1365 days ago link

´╗┐Chrome drains your laptop battery

computer graphics, improving its performance would lead to a possible greater presence of 3d applications on the web.

The things that lead to the most innovation are the things that don't seem sensible to do at first. For example, if you mean raytracing in the sense of Air Max X Atmos

Yet Firefox 4 is faster in both Sunspider and Kraken. (And V8 if you discount silly things like raytracing and process scheduling why would anyone do those in javascript?)

natmaster 1365 days ago link

nuclear_eclipse 1365 days ago link

Air Max 95 Zen

natmaster 1366 days ago link

Air Max 95 Zen

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