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ssamuli 1282 days ago link

That's a shitty thing to say.

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ca98am79 1283 days ago link

ten years and only really started feeling that I was getting somewhere in the last year. One thing that helped a lot is that I read the book "The Power of Now."

papaf Womens Air Max 95 Ultra 1283 days ago link

If a person lifted weights for 7 years and never became stronger I would guess he was doing it wrong[lifting too much, lifting too little, not increasing intensity, etc]. If a person meditates for 7 years and can sees no effect.

´╗┐Changes to my life as a result of just four weeks of daily meditation

I don't follow.

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Vipassana is certainly not enjoyable. Its hard work. Do you find that to be false?

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dmm 1283 days ago link

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my current laziness and restart Yoga again.

papaf 1282 days ago link

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Interesting, as I've been doing Vipassana meditation off and on for the past Air Max Essential Black

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jongraehl 1283 days ago link

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papaf 1283 days ago link

heyitsnick 1283 days ago link

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delano 1282 days ago link

As a counter to this I have stopped daily meditation (2 hours a day Vipassana) after about 7 years of practice because I hit a rut where it didn't seem to be improving things. The advantage of Yoga is that you also feel healthy. I hope fight off Nike Air Max Advertisement

From your phrasing, I assume you're talking about the physical postures (asanas) when you say yoga. The physical postures are a part of yoga, but yoga is a more complete system including meditation and other practices. Of course everyone has their own ideas about what constitutes yoga, if you ask 10 different people, you'll probably get 10 different answers, but I think it's important to understand that yoga is a whole system of interdependent practices designed and tuned over a very long period of time. Those are side effects. Vipassana is mindfulness meditation. It's about becoming more aware. It's about fully immersing yourself in reality, difficulties and all.

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far as I understand it you're exactly right. However, given the choice between awareness or a 'buzz' I'd currently choose the 'buzz'.

I'm still not clear why you stopped though. Was it not enjoyable? You say you remained calm during these 7 years, is that not enough? You say it was less and less effective effective at what?Were you seeking something that you eventually felt you couldn't obtain? Did you try other forms of meditation?

To quote the book (Mindfulness in Plain English) that was earlier recommended in this thread and in the article:"Meditation is not some mindless formula which gives automatic and predictable results. You can never really predict exactly what will come up in any particular session. It is an investigation and experiment and an adventure every time. In fact, this is so true that when you do reach a feeling of predictability and sameness in your practice, you use that as an indicator. It means that you have gotten off the track somewhere and you are headed for stagnation."I can't really know if this is the reason why you felt like you had hit a rut Just had to leave this comment for your consideration :)

bhrgunatha 1283 days ago link

dwc 1283 days ago linkdelano 1283 days ago link

In my experience that isn't always true. However, I know some meditators who are very active and multitask very well. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

You'll start again when you're ready.

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