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Wow, it is amazing, have you people ever been young and stupid? I agree they were in the wrong but there is a young girl Nike Air Max 360 Swingman

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Tauchert was not injured in the crash and refused medical treatment.

can't be sure if it is the same person, but it's a unique name so chances are good that it is, but Austin Leake was once featured on CNN when he was 12 yrs old (5 years ago, so the math works also). He was working toward his second degree blackbelt and was a straight A student at the time.

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´╗┐Charges coming for teens hit

I saw this thing from beginning to end as I was sitting in my car. Watched them walking on the sidewalk and began to cross the road just as the light turned green for the cars to go. The two left turn lanes got a few cars through but the kids just ignored it and kept walking like it was no big deal. The didn't rush to cross either. The turn lanes stopped for them but that outside lane had no chance of seeing them until the last minute. I remember seeing them line up with the car right before the impact just thinking does that car see them and will it stop when BOOM they go flying in the air. My heart was definitely pounding and even though it was 100% their fault, I don't think they should face charges. The mental impact it will have on them will be severe enough. I hope she pulls through her injuries and my prayers are definitely with her.

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According to Officer Mike Bowman with Cobb Police, 17 year old Austin Leake of Decatur and 18 year old Darion Elizabeth Hugh Sam of Marietta were trying to cross Shallowford Road against a red crosswalk signal when a white 2000 Honda Accord driven by 82 year old Evelyn Tauchert, who had a green light, hit Leake and Hugh Sam in the intersection.

instead of judging at the Air Max High Top Sneakers first chance you get because two people were walking instead of in a car, perhaps just express sympathy for the injured and the families of those injured. If they did something wrong in this case I am sure the police will address it in time

Cobb Police say that charges are now pending against two teenagers who attempted to cross Shallowford Road at Johnson Ferry Road in Marietta Monday afternoon against a red pedestrian crosswalk signal. Unit is investigating how the two were hit by a car at the Shallowford Road and Johnson Ferry Road intersection about 5:40 Monday afternoon.

just momments after and I know that anyone involved will never be the same. Have a little compassion and respect for friends and family of all involved!!!!!

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No, not necessarily. It will all depend on the circumstances at the time. If they were darting in and amongst passing vehicles in an attempt to cross, then perhaps it was reckless. If traffic was light or appeared Air Max 95 Neon Safari

These two need to be ticketed just like the driver of an automobile would have been ticketed had the driver been in the wrong. It is only because of the turning traffic and other cars that this was a clear cut fault of the pedestrians. If there had been any doubt, the Cobb County police would have ticketed the driver.

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If you know any other police from other jurisdictions, then you will know that the Cobb PD is quick to side with the pedestrian. Hence, the reason pedestrians and bicyclists are hardly ever ticketed in Cobb.

clinging to life and many people who will never forget this tragedy. It has turned so many peoples worlds apart and you are going to argue about BMWs and profiling based on where they are from. I hope you never make a mistake! I was there and saw the scene Air Max White Green

They were the ones who made the idiotic decision to bolt into traffic when their signal was a red light and a 'Do Not Walk' sign.

To Mici2: You are obviously not familiar with this incredibly busy intersection at Johnson Ferry and Shallowford. Now throw in 5:30 pm on Memorial Day and the volume of traffic was thick. I happened to drive by shortly after the 'accident' and the driver of the car that hit the 2 daredevils was inconsolable.

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Hugh Sam and Leake were both taken by ambulance to Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Hugh Sam in critical condition and Leake with non life threatening injuries. Bowman did not know the teenagers' conditions Tuesday morning.

to be clear but they were mistaken in their determination that it was safe to cross, then it may not be reckless; just a lack of good judgment by young adults, common to many. I think the injuries sustained are likely punishment enough.

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The investigation is ongoing, and Bowman declined to say exactly what charges the teens could be facing.

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These weren't 2 'boys' that were hit. It was a girl (reports say 16 and/or 17) and a boy, age 19. You've got to be kidding me. That is an age that is more then responsible and to know to obey basic traffic laws. Now you have an elderly woman who is devastated and will remember the thud and the impact for the rest of her life.

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