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just not worth the hassle. The house looks great inside and is nicely taken care of and they have never been late on a payment. In fact they are usually a week or more early. They did have a large dog that recently died that they used to let out in the yard, and I think he may have contributed to the demise of the bushes. I get the impresssion that they are just not "outside people" the neighbor on the other side of them mows their front yard because she can stand it when they don Hibbler good points. I will probably just let it go. When I did get a look at the property recently (my husband does all of the maintenance and had never mentioned a problem) I promptly wrote them a letter outlining our standards for the care of the yard. The last I checked they had taken care of the overgrown weeks, though it certainly doesn look the way it did before. I would not worry about it now. They are good tenants so I wouldn't disturb them now. Upon move out when you inspect the house for damage other than acceptable wear/tear, I would look at the yard. I would charge them to bring the landscaping back to what it was and than include the receipt.

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Would I be within my rights to charge them for the landscaping that died (based on my costs in the receipt) if I don't replace it? (I have discovered that its not reallly worth it to do anything in a townhouse back yard but throw down some mulch, since almost Air Max Ltd On Feet

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When you look at it in black and white financial terms it's easy to see that you shouldn't worry about the shrubs.

it also bears noting that inspections every three years is not best practice:) you should be doing this annually at a bare minimum. The plants could have died the first season during the winter when they were still fragile, which may make you rethink charging altogether.

´╗┐Charge tenants for ruined landscaping

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I'd consider only trying to charge them at move out OR asking them if they wish to have the bushes replaced or if they don't want the maintenance headache. You really can only charge them repair/ replacement costs, so if you make them pay now, then don't replace the landscaping, they could be bitter that you are just pocketing the money (in their eyes). My only value add to this is to write a polite letter noting something along the lines of "per your written request on xx/xx/xx, I added additional landscaping/ plants and shrubs. Per lease paragraph X, tenant is responsible for basic lawn maintenance. x bushes require replacement due to lack of basic lawn care at a cost of x each for a total of x. Please include remittance with the next month's rent payment. Thank you.

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none of my tenants will maintain it hence the reason I don't plan to replace). Still ticked off that they requested the landscaping and then just let it die. The amount is not huge about $200. WWYD?

Unfortunately as a landlord you have to insulate yourself from things like this, while still caring about your property and tenant. Tenants rarely treat the property the way you would as the owner. It's just the way it is in the rental business, but you can get some serious heartburn if you dwell on it. Try to look at it as a business.

It's a lot harder to look at it that way when you've done the work yourself and you took pride in it. It's easier when you hired someone to do it for you, you're not as personally invested. Ask me how I know. : )

I think you'll have a difficult time proving the plants died as a direct result of tenants neglect seeing that it is now three years after the fact. There are many other factors that could have contributed including insects, rodents such as ground hogs, weather, poor soil quality, etc. For $200 it's Air Max Ultra Superfly T

However, it's human nature to care more about things that you personally did. You planted these plants. You instructed them on maintenance. You did a nice job with the landscaping. You cared.

IMO it's more your own fault for Air Max Yellow Grey installing anything for landscaping other than grass. Most tenants will be just barely able to see to it that the grass is mowed. And lots of existing posts on BP that pretty much repeat what I just typed here.

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We turned our "personal" residence into a rental. The house was a foreclosure that we had redone. While I had not finished the yard, a ton had been done. Well, the tenants let it go. So upon notice I gave them a list. Overall, they sound like good tenants. Not worth creating friction over $200 in plants.

Seems reasonable to charge them to replace the bushes that died (at current replacement rate), not your entire original cost for landscaping. Had they not made request for landscaping, they would have had light responsibility for light watering and weeding, mowing etc. Since they requested additional landscaping, they also must assume additional maintenance responsibilities that go with the blanket lease requirement in your lease.

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I have some three year tenants that just signed another year lease. They were our first tenants that moved into this townhouse after we bought it. The back yard was a disaster before they moved in, but I fixed it pretty nicely for them got rid of the weeds, fixed the brick patio, and mulched and landscaped at their request. When I installed the new bushes, I told them they would need to water them often (several times a week) until they were well established and they verbally agreed. Fast forward to now (three years later) virtually all (except 2) of the bushes died and they let weeds take over the yard once again. The weeds can be taken care of, but the landscaping is lost. I never took photos of the back yard after I finished (lesson learned), but I do have a receipt for all the bushes. Nike Air Max 95 Sale Mens

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