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´╗┐Choosing a broker to hang license

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Is that similar to what you are looking for?A couple of points. First, the state does not control the relationship between NAR and MLS. You should contact your local Board of Realtors. They will tell you if NAR membership is necessary to access the MLS.

If I join a broker firm, I only allowed to list my properties with them right? I can seek out other flat fee listing services? I was hoping to find a brokerage firm that wouldn take a large split of the commission when I purchase the property, and also allow me to pay a small fee per closing transaction. Have I misunderstood soemthing?

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My company primarily buys at Trustee Sale auction, but also maintains an RE brokerage, and sometimes we list our properties through that brokerage. I hang my license here mainly for convenience, but also because they offer the type of structure I like (and it appears, you like), in the sense that there is a small per transaction fee and that it (no monthly, no overhead, etc). It also means that the investors in our various funds, whenever they need Air Max Grey Red White

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Then you have the expired agent licenses,lapse because of no child support payment,or student loans,IRS taxes,non payment of state license dues,not meeting education requirements etc.

My old firm in NC, (had to join NAR) had a nice pay structure of $35 per month and $299 per closing (including E and you keep 100%. I thought that it would be a good idea to get my license to gain access to MLS to do my research, see REO properties on my own time rather than hiring an agent, and save money on the realtor commissions. So it not just to save commissions, I have other reasons for it too. I understand that there is liability for the broker in someone new to handling the transactions, would you recommend that I take a training course to familiarize myself with the process of buying/selling homes?

Well I actually disagree to a point on there is not strategy that is or is not allowed if licensed.

Also I just called several brokers (branches near my home like Remax, Century 21 and ColdwellBankers) and none of them offered to do the flat fee listing on MLS. Many of them stated that they "gain nothing by just hanging my license" if I going to do the flat fee listing. Now I kind of confused.

1 If you got your license just to save on your own projects, you need to find a broker who doesn charge a lot of monthly fees or overhead. Since you won be acting as a full time agent, it would be a waste to pay desk fees, etc. Almost every agent in my company is part time or an investor, so my broker business model is set up based on that. These are usually the smaller firms. You should also interview brokers and make sure they flexible with you being creative with commissions, and if they will charge you a flat fee for listings instead of a %.

you don have a big fancy office, but in my opinion, the days of big fancy RE offices meaning something to the client are over (especially for the way we operate).

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2) How exactly would it work for someone like myself to flip a deal as a licensed investor? (if someone could explain this process to me or provide me some article that would be extrememly helpful.)

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1) What are the pros and cons of joining brokers who charge a fee for each listing I want to put on MLS?

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2 It will work the same as if you not licensed, but you must disclose your licensed status to all buyers and sellers, and if you also become a Realtor, you will have to abide by the NAR code of ethics. As long as you are an honest, ethical investor, I don think it will affect you at all.

was wondering if anyone has advice on choosing a broker to hang my license with. I currently aiming to flip properties in CA and I really want to save money on paying the realtor commissions. I also want to be able to use their MLS access so I can look at properties on my own time. So my questions are the following:

An unlicensed investor can claim ignorance on a bunch of things related to buying and selling properties.

Secondly, and most importantly, remember the broker is in business, and trying to increase his profits. He is not going to be favorably disposed to someone who is not making a contribution to his bottom line. Especially if you are going to need a large portion of his time for supervision. How does what you want to do benefit him?

I recently passed the salesperson exam and Air Max Command Red

I have just reduced down the number of agents I have because they take away from me doing deals and are a huge headache. Both have ethics and standards, but NAR is more geared towards ethical treatment of other agents and clients (this is to protect the sharing of information on the MLS). Most major Brokerages require you to join NAR, so stick to the smaller firms.

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