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"We also have serious concerns about the contravention of employment law with intelligence suggesting some of these young people are being paid far less than the minimum wage and, in some cases, may be working illegally.

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"All our staff are aged 16 or over and are paid at or above the minimum wage."

If however, the sandwich board carriers are working legitimately, then who is Coun Collins to stop them?

Richard Antcliff, head of neighbourhood enforcement for community protection, said he believed this kind of advertising was illegal.

For once I actually agree with MattGaltress,

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The council believes workers are being transported to Nottingham from other cities on a daily basis.

Mr Collins said: "The advertising is obstructive, distracting and in Air Max 95 Sneakerboot Black

The city council says it is gathering intelligence on all forms of "human advertising" and has sought legal advice.

Dominos is coming in for all the publicity because they are the biggest 'user' of this type of advertising. I don't think Dominos is being singled out here and if they are above board, then it's OK. Put simply, any human being used as a billboard should have their employer under scrutiny. There does seem to be evidence that people are being 'shipped' into the city for the purpose. There are some dubious people out there luring foreign workers in. We must remember that a pittance here is equivalent to a good wage in some countries and some gang leaders are making a killing it's also happening in Agriculture. It's a black market which needs knocking on the head.

I beleive the NMW is way too low already. It should be designed to enable someone to work without their wage having to be topped up by benefits such as tax credits. I resent my taxes being used to subsidise the wage bill of employers. The NMW does not encourage people to work when they can get almost as much on benefit. If these sandwich board people are not scamming the benefit system and really are being paid less than NMW, it defies logic why they do it although I admire their work ethic.

Domino's Pizza denies it is exploiting people.

many cases, those wearing it are putting themselves in danger by choosing to stand in busy locations.

"This practice is degrading and exploitative."

He said: "This type of activity is subject to mobile advertising laws which require those wearing signage to not remain stationary for long periods of time."

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´╗┐City crackdown on 'walking ads' in Nottingham

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I think some posters are confusing different issues here.

If people are being paid below minimum wages then the companies should be reported and challenged in the courts.

carrier is a H danger, then so too are the unmarked police vans parked on pavements checking on speeding motorists, so too is the tented village of protesters, the list is endless if you adopt the Co Co view of things. (CoCo an appropriate name for that clown Councilor Collins)

A spokeswoman said: "It is a great way to get our advertising messages across to our customers, and our employees and some of our franchisees love being out of the store doing something different.

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If people are offended by the sight of sandwich boards or think it demeaning, then don't buy a dominos pizza, but don't stop someone from trying to earn an honest crust.

The 'elf and safety "problem" is the excuse used by bureaucrats when they can't come up with a rational argument. If a sandwich board Nike Air Max Unique Style

employment regs then they should be challenged and there is ample legislation to deal with any breaches. Given that they are so visible i think it highly unlikely that they are illegal or exploited workers, but it would be easy to check wouldn't it?

She Air Max Essentials White said staff were given a list of guidelines on how to keep safe and were advised to call in to stores at regular intervals, take breaks and stay hydrated. She added: "Our staff's safety, security and wellbeing, along with that of the general public, are a top priority and a full risk assessment has been carried out."

I agree that if employers are flouting Womens Nike Air Max 95 Dyn

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"We've had reports of workers positioning themselves on the Queen's Medical Centre roundabout, at a huge risk to their personal safety.

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