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To answer you question, you should pay for the first load of propane. Read and record the meter with the tenant When more propane is delivered, the tenant pays. When the tenant moves out, read the meter on the propane tank, again with the tenant. If its below that initial reading, the Nike Air Max 110 tenant has either the option of getting the tank filled to the proper level and paying for it or letting you do it and taking it out of their deposit. If its above the initial level, you give them a credit based on their most recent bill.

The house is in perfect shape. No worries about being condemned.

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The water heater was bad. It had to be replaced. The element going bad has been an issue off and on for several years. We are tired of dealing with this issue.

I would never fill the tank and ask them to fill again,,,reason being they never will. How you going to force them too?? If you go to court and get a judgement,how you going to collect it??

a different outcome.

I think I would actually fill the tank at the start and simply require them to fill it when they vacate. That avoids any discussion about the exact reading of the rather inexact gauges on propane tanks. It also avoids you having to give a credit. I would probably require an additional security deposit to avoid getting stuck with a large bill.

Thanks for all the responses, everyone. Apparently the OP (original poster) didn appreciate your thoughts, and sent me an email complaining about this discussion and demanded we close his account which we did. Don worry though . . . we think you guys are great . . . keep up the great discussions, questions, and replies!

Is this house on propane furnace already?Therefore already has a propane tank and piping into house??Or is it on a central metered system?

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Sometimes I just astonished at what sets different people off. Again, I thought all the posts here were valuable and useful to the poster, but I guess he disagreed.

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Nike Air Max 110

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´╗┐Changing Water Heater from Electric to Propane

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IF you put a new water heater in there make double darn sure you double up and do the required of sediment. If not it will be same issue soon.

And if there is not already set up for propane for heat anyway,put a new electric in there.

Here a sampling of the email I got: :roll:

Define high electric bills. That translates to something different for every person. Chances are they will still have high bills and they will complain about other things,electricity is wasted and people blame the house. And have a 30 year old frig or three,,,and a 100 year old freezer and other bad usage items like space heaters.

Nike Air Max 110

We are not bowing to the whims of our renters.

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If hard water is a problem, you will still have a problem, though. I grew up in hard water country. Rocks will form in the heater and collect at the bottom.

So we wouldn have constant issues with an electric water heater, we changed to propane. Propane is not really cheap right now. But now we will have less maintenance and our renter won be surprised with an electric bill that is outrageous because the element is coated in minerals and is constantly running to heat the water.

Nike Air Max 110

Nike Air Max 110

Nike Air Max 110

They want you to pay 75 gallons a month?a fill? or one time??

of the fun things I deal with thanks to you guys :wink:

One person answered my question, all the others criticized or brought up things that had no bearing on the question. All it did was make me MAD. I have no use for idiots giving me advice. I was hoping for Air Max Safari 95

Edited Jun 26 2010, 11:49 by Just Don

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