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Besides being a self motivated individual, Green was also an ambitious one: he didn join the Army just to wear an officer uniform but to be a general.

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"The challenge for the company is that it success means that it is growing very quickly," says Green.

the other day. I was so tempted to stop him!"

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needed stronger leadership, it needed to be better positioned to work with its partners.

"I come from a much bigger organisation and I think I bringing a particular knowledge to bear here."

It was definitely the job he wanted. But he also walked into a huge challenge.

"No one from the Home Office sat me down and told me what had to be done I was left to find Nike Air Yeezy Grey Orange that out myself. What I found and this is what made it worth doing was a lot of people who knew what Cheap Mens Nike Air Max 95 Trainers

By 1982 he was at Bramshill, the police training college, and a couple of years later he was an Inspector in Selby. But what had looked like it might be the quiet life was taken over by the Miners Strike.

The strike gave him his first experience of policing in Notts. And it was here that his career would eventually lead him after he climbed the management ladder, became Assistant Chief Constable in Staffordshire, and decided in 2000 to take a punt at the vacant top job in Notts.

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"When I was 15 I applied for an Army scholarship which would sponsor me through my A levels and when I had my interview all they seemed to talk about was my window cleaning!"

That in depth technical training in the Signals meant he looked closely at a post with Cable Wireless. But the pull of a career in uniform saw his plump instead for the police. Once again, he was aiming for the top and this time he would make it.

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He had to prove himself first, though. Second Lt Green of the Royal Corps of Signals became PC Green of North Yorkshire Police, and there was two years statutory probation before he was put on the fast track promotional scheme.

He wouldn be the first ex copper to go into security, but this is something on an altogether different level, a role which acknowledges the wide management experience of a man whose CV takes in Sandhurst, Bramshill and the leadership of large, complex and high profile organisations.

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needed to be done and were just waiting for someone to take the lead."

Green inevitably ruffled feathers inside and outside the force. He went very public on his concerns about alcohol in Nottingham ("I wasn prepared to be quiet when all hell was being let loose around me"), but had to stay silent about a worrying spate of serious crime to avoid blowing the operations that he knew would nail it.

"This is always a sensitive time for a business because, when you expand, the essence of what the entrepreneur has created means that isn always a straightforward thing to do.

´╗┐Chief Constable turned company director

Green is relishing his roles because he feels he longer has anything to prove. "I now much more laid back than I ever been," he says. "Having said that, I saw someone using a mobile phone when they were driving only Nike Air Max 95 Liverpool

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"When I was a lad all the films were war films starring people like John Mills and I was determined I wasn going to go down the pit or work on the railways.

He now admits that his eight years as Chief Constable left him shattered. He was ready for change and wanted to do some different things.

"What I walked into in 2000 was a perfectly formed 1980s police force. Modern times required a lot of change and what we had here was a force where that had never happened or had never taken effect. It Air Max 95 Stash

"I started out running my own window cleaning business when I was 14," he tells me. "It didn feel like any great venture but I just wanted to better myself.

If the entrepreneurial streak is characterised as simple get up and go then it came to Green early. Born in Doncaster to what he describes as a humble background, he decided while he was still at school that he was going to be an army officer.

But here he is turning up for lunch with an armful of scratches. This, though, is the result of something much more down to earth: brambles he encountered while orienteering.

"My family had a long mining tradition, and here I was on the picket lines seeing people I been to school with," he recalls.

"What I most proud of is the people I left behind. I watched their journey over the eight years I was in charge and the transformation that came with it."

It didn quite work out that way. Having worked his way through Sandhurst, the historic academy which turns soldiers into leaders, he was commissioned into the Royal Corps of Signals, became a Second Lieutenant and joined the British Army of the Rhine in Germany.

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Nike Air Yeezy Grey Orange

He spent a year doing a technical training course and went on secondment to the Royal Artillery. But in a mid 1970s period when the BAOR could look forward to little other than exercises, something was missing for Green. So he resigned his commission and left.

Hence the portfolio approach that sees him advise the board at Octavian as it grapples with the challenge of turning an organisation that is essentially the creation of one man its chief executive, Sukhi Ghuman into something big, international and broad based.

YOU have thought Steve Green suffered enough abrasions during a long and distinguished police career. After all, this is the man whose time in the force ranged from policing picket lines during the miners strike through to leading Nottinghamshire Constabulary through a bruising period of challenge and change.

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Green is passionate about the pastime, and the active chairmanship of the 300 strong Notts Orienteering Association is a small part of the portfolio of activities he relishes now that the all consuming role of Chief Constable of Notts Police is behind him.

The approach Green took to wholesale cultural change in a big, traditional environment is a management lesson: "If you try to do everything yourself the challenge will crush you," he says. "You have to pick the right people, give them the right skills and tell them what you expect of them and let them know whether they are achieving it or not.

An amiable but sharply focused character, Green waved goodbye to a post in the frontline and the headlines around 18 months ago. It isn his style to sit back and watch the world go by, though, and his portfolio includes a seat on the Legal Services Board and non executive directorships at two businesses one of them the international security company Octavian, which is based in Colwick.

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