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You have to be careful there, you can only make that assertion if you can prove that no pawn has been promoted to a bishop (eg if all 8 pawns are still on the board, or 7 pawns and 2 queens etc).

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Nor will you ever find both bishops of one color on the same color square.

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Knights can make it everywhere. in a properly set up board, the bottom right square is always white.

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attach a camera (or phone) to the clock. after every move), and records the move history. You can stop scribbling it on those little pads.

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cjy 1119 days ago link

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matthiasb 1118 days ago link

it : )

1118 days ago link

tmhedberg 1119 days ago link

´╗┐Chessboard picture recognition

lol. Taking a picture after each most is a lot of work :D

patio13 1118 days ago link


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alttag 1119 days ago link

Pawns can't be on the first or last rank (they'd have to be promoted). There are plenty of impossible (illegal) positions like double mate, and more complicated ones where for example there are two dark colored bishops + 8 Nike Air Max 87 On Feet not promoted pawns. Perhaps that kind of info will come in handy when the image algo is in doubt.

BasDirks 1119 days ago link

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Hey I'm patio13 and I have nothing to do with Nike Air Max 95 Pink Grey

(Most AI problems are "How can I apply human intelligence to cleverly reduce this problem from something which appears to require intelligence to something which actually only requires well understood math?")I think the punchline is likely to be that you end up taking dot products of feature vectors generated by library code and writing fairly little chess related code. Sorry to burst your bubble if you thought this was going to be very sexy. I hope you like taking photos because odds are you're going to get the opportunity to take Air Max Roshe Runs

Thanks patio13! OCR and AI actually seem very sexy to me:D If I make a mobile app out of this, I will get my users to take pictures for me! hehe!

danohuiginn 1118 days ago link

benjoffe 1119 days ago link

Good point. Even though all pieces can be almost anywhere, the algorithm could use the probability of the pieces being in certain situations to improve it's guesses dramatically. This would be especially true if you told the computer whether the board was in the beginning, middle, or end game.

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