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"We should be all nutral in our appearance and in our minds, especially in public places," she said while being detained by Montreal police.

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She says her organization would support a Charter of Values banning religious symbols because it will keep religious extemism from entering Quebec's public sector.

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score? Maybe they should make all government workers wear some sort of shapeless unisex garment. Of course, their faces would still reveal their genders, so maybe they'd all have to start wearing veils!

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How is the fact that some religions require their women to cover their faces have ANY bearing on the rights of other women???? I just don't get it. If anything, barring these women from working for the government (including hospitals, schools, etc.) sounds like denying them a right and making them second class citizens. Let's assume for a minute that wearing a head covering or a niqab is a sign of inequality. That's how people in that religion arrange things. Is the government going to punish Air Max 95 On Women

the PQ isn't a big fan of equality between the French and English (and allophones) in this province. They are such opportunistic hypocrites.

I find it ridiculous for one group of women to decide for all of womankind what causes inequality when it comes to mode of dress. Should I not agree to be served by a woman wearing makeup, because I've decided that she's only doing it to fulfill patriarchal stereotypes regarding a female's need to make herself more attractive to men? Should female civil servants only wear pants? Should the men be made to wear skirts to even the Nike Air Max 95 Womens Grey

"La is the best way to live together in peace," she told CJAD.

International feminist group Femen, reknowned for staging semi nude protests during international events such as G20 conferences, lent their support to the movement by going topless during the march.

We were visiting from Los Angeles last week and joined the march downtown against this charter. As Americans, from a nation with a lot of racism and discrimination, both personal and institutional, we were shocked that such a law could be proposed in the 21st century, similar to our reaction to France's law a few years ago. My Jewish mother in law as a 16 year old from Kosice, Czechoslovakia was arrested by Nazis. She survived Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen and had lasting damage from that experience, obviously.

Supporters of the Charter of Quebec Values march up Berri St. in Montreal, on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013. Would men protest with their private parts hanging out??? I believe that is indecent exposure.

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This 2000 morons who demonstrated dont have a clue what FREEDOM OF RELIGION and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION is which is inexorably linked with FREEDOM OF RELIGIOUS EXPRESSION.

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Charter supporters stage feminist rally

The rally was focused on women's rights which supporters say are threatened by religions that force women to cover Air Max 95 Emerald their faces. Estimates range from 2,000 to 5,000, wheras TVA Nouvelles reported "close to 20,000" were in attendance.

Other prominent supporters included ex student leader Martime Desjardins and tv personality Janette Bertrand, who was quoted in La Presse saying she would not be treated by a public servant wearing a hijab.

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Despite the rain thousands rallied in Montreal in favour of the PQ government's proposed Charter of Quebec Values.

these women for that? If the PQ is so gung ho on equality between men and women, will its next step be to set up a ministry that sends government agents to investigate households to see that everything is equal between spouses? On the subject of equality, Air Max Black And Blue

Femen member Xenia Chernyshova told CJAD without a secular ban on religious symbols, known as la in French, women's rights can be threatened.

The level of true ignorance and prejudice in this backwards francophone province NEVER ceases to Amaze me.

Sailaha Abdenbi of the Quebec Association of North Africans for La says women are often controlled through religion

She later retracted the statement.

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