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Nike Air Max 95 Powerwall

Nike Air Max 95 Powerwall

"10 miles?" he replied, casually, hopefully, optimistically.

Riders, remember, stuff happens. So no matter what distance you choose to ride, stuff a granola bar in your pocket, just in case. Promoters, don't underestimate (or understock) those early aid stations. Those are the folks who need them most.

Check your head. Please wear your helmet. Please. I know you hate it and you don't have to by law and all the other arguments we heard as we politely as possible implored participants who had removed them to put them back on, but the liability of these rides is staggering. It's just one day. Thanks.

Nike Air Max 95 Powerwall

Nike Air Max 95 Powerwall

Train for the terrain. "Is there a flatter way back?" I fielded that question (and got chewed out) two or three times along the 34 mile route from riders who were shattered from the relentless rolling terrain that is Southeast Pennsylvania. Even if you're going somewhere that sounds flat, like say Kansas, check the ride descriptions closely. The Earth is bumpy even in places you may not expect it to be, like Philly. Promoters, help your riders by Nike Air Max 95 Powerwall being abundantly clear how hard any given ride might be.

´╗┐Charity Ride Tips

Nike Air Max 95 Powerwall

Nike Air Max 95 Powerwall

Nike Air Max 95 Powerwall

began. I drank a Guinness, inhaled three slices of pizza, and passed out in my bunk shortly thereafter.

I had stood there the day before with a few of my teammates agonizing over piles of food to be divvied out among the four aid stations, two of which would be passed through twice. Aid Station 1 was just 5 miles in. Everyone would pass by it, but we figured only riders on the 11 mile loop would stop, while the 34 and 74 mile riders would likely blow right by and 5 miles in nobody would need much, right?

Unexpected charity along a charity ride. People helping people is what it all about. Thanks to the artist James E. Dupree for the ingenious bike repair."How much longer do we have to go?" I asked Dave, teetering on the edge of somethingsomeplacesome sensation of slowly unraveling I'd never experienced while pedaling down the road.

That was many moons ago, when I still identified myself not as an endurance, but a solidly middle distance, athlete. I'd signed up to do my first ever charity ride you guessed it, an MS 150. The lunch truck had broken down leaving us with peppermint patties and pretzel sticks at the midway point. I made the rookie mistake of not bringing my own food to get me through. I'd never bonked before, so I had no concept of how bad it could be. I'd never fixed a flat eitheror knew how. I learned many lessons, many of them unpleasant.

Nike Air Max 95 Powerwall

Keep an open mindand heart. Despite the random blips and blunders we all encountered throughout the day, the ride was a success. We raised 1.4 million dollars (by virtue of some Nike Air Max All Black Womens

Here are a few I figured could help everybody. Whether you're doing your first charity ride, your 51st charity ride, or helping put one on, these tips will help spread goodwill down the road.

Check those bikes. So this happened. My teammate Stephanie was riding with three women who'd signed up for the 11 mile ride, then decided to "keep going, because why not?" and more or less got over their heads immediately into the 34 mile ride. But with good cheer and, if very ill maintained, machines soldiered on. Somewhere in West Philly as they were close enough to nearly see the finish 5 miles in the distance, one of them lost her entire front skewer (thank you ride Gods for keeping her from landing on her face). They found said skewer but not the end nut to fasten it on. A mural painting angel working Air Max 95 Valentine's Day

"10 miles???" With that, I promptly let go of whatever dangling shreds of tattered lifeline I was grasping and burst into tears. I really didn't think I could make it. But there was zero choice. Somehow I pulled it together and made it to the finish some 75 miles from when we'd Air Max Orange And Black

astonishing generosity) to help kids with awful, unpronounceable, and currently incurable, diseases. We learned what we need to change to make the ride better next year. And importantly, we learned about each other by getting to ride a mile or 30 in someone else's shoes for the day, an experience that makes us all just a little bit more, well, charitable.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Nearly everybody stopped after all it was a beautiful rest stop along the river on a pretty spring morning and more than a few people needed plenty "just" 5 miles in. That would be just the beginning of what would be a day filled with the kinds of hiccups and hitches on both the riders' and the promoter's part that are part and parcel to charity rides, especially those in their first year. Many lessons were learned, a few of them unpleasant.

Respect the distance. 11 miles is 11 miles. It can be a breeze if you're in shape and ride regularly. It can be a monumental distance if you're a casual rider, kind of unconditioned, or like me at that ill fated MS 150, bonking your brains out. New riders and those who are just getting back into shape are also more likely to be bonking their brains out in relatively shorter distances because they're still learning how to fuel themselves and they're not yet great fat burners, so they're relying on their limited glycogen supply. These riders also are less likely to carry their own food because they don't know what to carry or it simply never occurs to them to carry anything. I know all this, yet I still blew it and let these folks down. Sorry.

Nike Air Max 95 Powerwall

out of what used to be an old car garage took mercy on the brigade now pushing their bikes for the final pull and fixed it with a wingnut until we could retrieve a spare. There were broken spokes, rusted chains, and loose saddles. By all means pull that unused bike out of the garage and climb aboard, but your first stop should be your bike shop for a tune up. Promoters, consider making a pre ride bike check mandatory. It could avert disaster.

In the Name of Charity

Nike Air Max 95 Powerwall

My heart sank. "Well, that one's on me." This time, nearly 20 years later, I was on the other side of the registration line, helping, along with my teammates, to plan, execute, run, and ride sweep for the Million Dollar Ride, Rare Disease Cycling's inaugural fundraising ride to raise money for orphan disease research and therapy.

Nike Air Max 95 Powerwall

These memories came bubbling back up this weekend as I got word from my teammate Janine. "They ran out of food and water at Aid Station 1like immediately."

Nike Air Max 95 Powerwall

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